Thursday, January 13, 2011

practicum is coming; I'm going to be a TEACHER!

Dear Montels'

As a TESL student, which is a programmed whom trained their students to be the future teachers. After 4 years studying in Unisel, started from my foundation year (it was on 2007) then pursuing my degree program starting from 2008 until present.

Now, is the time. We are almost comes toward the end of a journey for being a TESL student. Where, next week we gonna start our practicum teaching in school. All of us has been assigned to many schools in Selangor. We gonna be in school for 3months and within this 3months, we need to be an educator. We need to taught them well, we need to do our works in school, we need to handle our students etc.

Me? I will be in SMK Taman Ehsan Kepong together with Izzati, Cherish and Nabila. This is our very first experience teaching in school. All this while, we just did our micro teaching in class together with our classmates. But now, we are going to face the real teaching environment. Where, we gonna face the real school atmosphere, the real students, the real teachers and authorities.

I don't know, I feel like freaking nervous right now. I cannot stop myself from imagine how could it be if I were a teacher soon? very very soon! Do i afford to control the students? Do I manage to handle the class? shit! It's all playing around in my head! (freak out)

What ever it is, just act cool and take it easy. I'm sure, all of us are able to handle it later. To all my friends, best of luck for our practicum. =)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodbye 2010, say HELLO 2011!!

Dear Montels,

Hello people.
OMG, I have not updating my blog for ages. LOL
It was like a couple of months i guess.
Idk, I fell like super super extra extra lazy to update. hahaha.

in Malay, this is what ppl say "hangat-hangat tahi ayam"

It is when you are working on something exciting at first then it went down and down and down towards the end. It is real me NOW. hahahaha ;)))

There's so many things I wanna share.. lot of things and stories..
Alright, let's start with my study 1st.
Apparently now all of us are working on our research paper.. where we need to submit a proposal to the supervisor and wait until the proposal is approved by them, so we can proceed.

Mine, alhamdulillah.. it has been approved by my supervisor.. currently all my 1st three chapters was approved and i just need to improvise here n there.. n starts doing my interview session with my samples..

Next, X-mas just passed few days back.. I was at home for X-mas.. doing nothing..
Plus, we are thinking of the practicum.. it just around the CORNER!!!!

All of us like nervous and excited and.. idk, speechless and... LOL~
Wtv it is, just wait until the actual day.. how it looks like in real..
Btw, tomorrow i'm going to have a social visit to my school.. this is damn late for me to take a nap for awhile and wake up at 8am..

Thats all for now, bubbye people!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Undergoing an operation...

Dear Montel,

Currently at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, my father was admitted to the hospital this morning and will undergo an operation soon. Hope that everything goes smoothly, and my dad will recover as usual.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

ku berSYUKUR ke padaMU..

Dear Montel,

Yesterday, results are out. I've checked mine and thank to god I managed to passed all subjects. Thank to all lecturers and my beloved friends for helped me out throughout the semester and the examination weeks as well. I've still remember when we sat together and study started from early morning until night in class, spending our time together before we left the life as a student. Am going to miss everybody damn much!! SAD~~ =(

This is the final examinations ever, after this no more exams! yappppp, NO more! huhuhuhu.. glad to hear that kan?? ^^

When we're talking about the results, I feel sad actually. Mine is not that good. Jealousy is killing me when I heard my friends managed to possess a good grades rather than me. I don't know, I'v done my best to study and try to answers all questions. But, tak ada rezeki for me to possess good grades and pointers. =(

Never mind, I hope there will be a bright future for me once I've starts working. Pray for my success in future people! =)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dear Montel,

Today is the day, 11/11/2010. According to the rumours our results is going to be released today. Am feel restless and sleepless tonight. Am thinking about the results. GOSHHH~~ >.<
Pray for me, am not a bright student but I've tried my best to answered all papers the other days.